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Agate Hunting

The official State Gemstone of Minnesota is the beautiful banded Lake Superior Agate. The Lake Superior Agates formed during volcanic eruptions a long time ago and were then dispersed by glaciers during the Ice Age. What makes an agate more special is the layers of color with red, orange, and yellow bandings. No two agates are the same. Each one is unique in its own coloring, making the search for agates more fun and challenging. The perfect place to search for agates is along the shores of Lake Superior. The best time to look for Lake Superior agates is after a big storm, when new rocks surface from the huge waves that hit the shoreline. You can also search in any area where there is exposed rock or gravel like gravel pits or gravel roads, just make sure you have permission to search in gravel pits or private property first.

Mn sights agate picture